terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

love crash

Standing outside your self
Looking to the past
Breaking mirrors
And dancing fast
Thinking in how it would be possible
To wash up that sorrow
That never has left there
If there is something to say
To fill the non living days
Oh god,
Where is the little star?
To give me a wish
Putting things back in its way
That today looks so far
So far away,
My little, little star,
Maybe I m lost
Or perhaps
I already lost it
But we should never be awake
When still there is a dream to be felt
in the milky way
the way of hope
that’s why I cry to you
to show me tomorrow,
my friend, my friendly guitar
and to sing to me,
anything that helps, my little, little star
anything that says
the route along this path
my star, my little star
like I said, like I felt
standing outside my self
living tomorrow with no sorrow
is it possible?
In a non coercible way
Is it possible to fill up
The past we lost by not being there
When we thought we should be here?
We were living ahead, so far
With the lyrics from the stars
That make us hear
How to shine it in yesterday
When we were not there
The missing love
That passed away
On our milky, milky way
Of Untouchable days
Forever in the past
So far, so far way
Beyond the always
Beyond the stars
Like a dream, it passes so fast
So fast, like a fallen star
it will forever pass!
My lover from yesterday
Is there a way,
my little, little star
any way
To take you out of that car
That crashed in the last
Days of may ?

fernando castro18.04.10

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